Why yes. That necklace is made of legos.

I'm a problem solver. I live in the process. Ideate. Critique. Sharpen. Create.

I like to think of my skills as a weird Venn diagram of production, relationships, and management. Collaboration is always at its heart.

I inject creative mojo into rigor. It makes planning, organizing, and strategizing exciting everyday. 

I love storytelling. The beauty of engaging images. The power of the human experience coming to life on a page. Insightfully driven, visually captivating.

Curiosity gets you nowhere if you don't get your hands dirty.

Oregon-born with a love for big city adventure. It's always so interesting to fully immerse myself into a new culture. We could all use a little more travel in our lives.

I'm a proud owner of enough books to fill a library. I'm a McMurtry fangirl for life. 

I always do better in person. Let's chat over some strong coffee.